Disposable | Greg & Joe’s Excellent Adventure

Late last year, Greg and Joe rode down from SF to LA. Mel and I rode up from LA about 70 miles and met them on their last day riding at Point Magu. This was a great day, the first long tour for the boys and the first time Mel did a century + some (total 140 for the day for Mel and I)!
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Melanie Seeger

Just got back from an amazing ride with Melanie. We did 30 miles of mixed dirt and road, through woods and small towns. It was such a good time and with the best riding companion a guy could ask for. It’s gonna be hard to go back to work on Friday. We got two more days to get in as much riding as we can…

Melanie Seeger

Mel (CBNC) was the only lady* to tackle the CX course on a Track bike and the only one to do it brakeless (even with the later race, She was still the only one) during the fixlocross race Sunday… Goddamn!

Mei and Krista did it as well at a later race (with brakes). There was some confusion as to when the fixlocross was held, so they ran one at the end of the day. Props to those two ladies, as well! Hell yeah!!!