Milltag x BLB: Dope

I must have this jersey. Such a good play on MaiPai kit by Milltag and BLB. The pre-order is up now, get on it.

We are proud to unveil our first collaboration of 2013, with our friends over at Brick Lane Bikes.

BLB is a bike shop that has been around since 2006 and was one of the first specialist fixed gear bike stores that contributed to the growth in the fixed scene in London.

The inspiration for the design came from our mutual love for the more psychedelic pro jerseys of the past and the constant pharmaceutical cloud that hangs over our sport. However, our message is simple, we believe in “Looking dope, not using dope”.

Milltag: Yorkshire National

Milltag has a pre-order up for their “Yorkshire National” jersey. It’s a special jersey, since Yorkshire is hosting the Grand depart for the Tour De France in 2014. I’m loving the Yorkshire roses throughout the jersey and I will be for sure adding this one to my collection!

With the fantastic news that Yorkshire is to host the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014 we could help but create a jersey to celebrate.

As one half of Milltag is from Leeds, and as all Yorkshire folk know that the county should be a republic in it’s own right it seemed only right and proper that there should be a Yorkshire National jersey.

It features the same stripes as on the Yorkshire County cricket jumper and Yorkshire roses throughout the fabric.

The jersey is available to pre-order now in both Men’s and Women’s sizes till January 18th when production will begin. This means that they will be posted out in early March and we will produce extra stock that will be available then too. To guarantee you get one, order now!

Milltag: Flanders Classic & Flanders Belgian

Speaking of Milltag, they have two new Jersey collaborations with Exceller Bikes up for sale for the Tour of Flanders (nice win on Sunday, Boone!) . Flanders Classic and Flanders Belgian, both great looking jerseys.

We were approached by Exceller Bikes, a new bike shop in Brugges to create a jersey for the Tour of Flanders and this is the result.

The Classic version is covered in a Flanders Lion repeat pattern with “Vlaanderen” and “Flanders” proudly emblazoned across the chest. The sleeve and rear pocket features a badge of the lion and the words “This is War”, inspired by a quote from Bernard Hinault: “I told the organisers it wasn’t a race but a war game. It’s hard to explain what the Koppenberg means to a racing cyclist. Instead of being a race, it’s a lottery. Only the first five or six riders have any chance: the rest fall off or scramble up as best they can. What on earth have we done to send us to hell now?”

Peep both here.

Thanks Simon!!!

Our homie Simon Lee (not Simon the Beast) from across the pond sent this awesome care package over from Cardiff. A new jersey from Miltag (the Dandy) and some Brother Blog swag (go peep the blog, good one to follow). That was really cool of him and I’m for sure sending some swag back. He’s gonna be over in LA soon, so be on the lookout for our LA adventures once he gets here.

Thanks my dude!

Nick Hand: Conversations on the Coast

While checking out new T-shirts and Jerseys over at Miltag, I came across this jem. Nick Hand, Conversations on the Coast. Nick has written a book about the encounters/ interviews with locals he came across he had while cycling the British and Irish coastlines. A different take on the normal cycling journal. The links lead me to a great interview with Nick about the book and the journey behind it. You can read that interview here. Be sure to check out Nick’s website here.

Swoop the book here!