3rd Annual Predator Cycling Keirin Classic | Photo Set

Last week, Predator held their 3rd Annual Predator Cycling Keirin Classic at Encinoe Velodome. The racing action was heavy and fast. A few crashes went down in the A’s, but everyone seemed to walk away fine (for the most part), I hope you all heal fast. Here a few of mine from that night.
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Predator: Bike Fitting

I have always heard great things about Aram’s bike fitting prowess and you should get him to fit you over at Predator. Having your bike fit to you is probably one of the best things you can for your riding and improving it. Lord knows, I need to get fit to my roadie…

Predator Cycling’s exclusive bike fit studio is designed to find the perfect setup for your particular style and discipline of riding. Our bike fit services are designed to fit the needs of cyclists from all types of backgrounds—from weekend warriors to professionals alike. Every bike fit is done with the same care and attention to detail. Our analysis is backed by data which is derived from our own proprietary fitting system, and consists of a comprehensive head-to-toe bicycle fit along with individual pedaling SpinScan™ evaluations on our CompuTrainer.