Event Recap | Retrogression Grand Opening & Alleycat

Alvin, Zo and I, headed on down to San Diego for Retrogression‘s Grand Opening and Alleycat. A short drive to see old friends, support Retrogression’s move to SD and have fun racing a good old Alleycat. My camera was dead (didn’t charge it, bummer), so I used my phone to snap these lovely shots, but I am planning a another trip down south to give Retrogression the shine it deserves. Dave is running a beautiful shop and a great online business, be sure to check out the shop and peep his site from time to time, lots of good stuff in both.
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Matt Lingo | CBNC Cycling

Over the weekend, Alonso, Alvin and I took a short trip down to San Diego for the Retrogression grand opening and alleycat (more on that later). Our very first stop was Matt Lingo’s house so we could say “what up” and Matt had set up a small shoot with us and this amazing photo came out of that session. Thanks Matt for making us look so good and it was great seeing you!

Retrogression: MKS GR-10

Newly introduced for 2013 are the MKS GR-10 pedals. The GR-10’s are for those of you out therethat a wider platform, I love my GR-9’s but I can see if you have a wide foot then the 9’s would be an issue. Retrogression has them in stock and I would swoop on a larger version of a great pedal, that has been a staple pedal in most fixed gear riders life.


Retrogression x Tallboy: ‘Contra Mundum’ T-shirt

Our friends at Retrogression sent this over… Great new shirt from the homies! Loving the latin phrase.

Once upon a time, some kook decided it would be a great idea to leave an envelope containing a dead mouse wrapped up in a note full of deranged psuedo-religious ramblings in our good friend Tallboy’s mailbox. He instinctively brought it to the shop right away, where we put our brains together and decided to commemorate the situation on a t-shirt.

Contra Mundum was a phrase scrawled on the actual note, which pretty much means “fuck the world” in Latin. Perfect.