CBNC Sus Bus Tour 2013 | Seattle NACCC Messenger Championships

Sunday was the Seattle NACCC Messenger Championship race. It was a money race or the dash for cash format. Do as many jobs as you can in the allotted time (three hours). You still had manifests to complete, but the messengers with the most money made at the end of the day wins. I just walked the course and snapped photos, please enjoy.
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CBNC Sus Bus Tour 2013 | Seattle NACCC Messenger Qualifying Heats/ Non-Mess Race Day

Saturday and Sunday were main event days. There were messenger qualifying heats for Sunday’s Main race and the non-messenger main race all on Saturday at a amazing closed curse venue at Interbay, close to Ballard. Great location for this race, mix of gravel, a stair blast and twists and turns on a closed one way course. The stage was set.
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CBNC Sus Bus Tour 2013 | Seattle NACCC Day Three

Here are the last of my NACCC posts (one today, one tomorrow), I had them scheduled to go out, but do to the nature of the internet and computers, they disappeared. No big deal, it happens from time to time and I hope you enjoyed my small coverage of a great trip. Here we go.

Friday was the last hangout day before the weekend and the main event quailifers, non-mess main race and of course the main event on Sunday. Friday was all about hanging out and watching shit go down. BBQ, Bike Polo, Fooseball tourney, Quick lock comp, games of foot down and then a group ride for food and a late night alleycat.
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JDR | NACCC 2013 Seattle

Our buddy John Reiss will be dumping NACCC photo’s online all week. This one of Christina Peck (2013 Seattle NACCC Champ!!! Hell Yeah!!!) is killer, that corner was a little sketchy (slight down hill, tight turn into gravel with a grate on one side), but once you got your line down, you were good to go. I realized I had scheduled the last of my NACCC report posts to go out last week, but through the magic of the internet… they disappeared. Those posts will be up today, I just got to re-write them!


CBNC Sus Bus Tour 2013 | Seattle NACCC Day One/ Two

We rolled into Seattle, Wednesday evening from Portland, OR. I set up the bus and the guys and gal at my friend Dave’s house for the weekend (thanks so much Dave, I owe you), they set off to the Bookworm crit race for the evening where Alvin swooped 2nd place. not bad for the first event of the weekend. I was whisked off by my old friend Blake and went to a Sounders game (MLS) and caught with more old friends for the evening. Alvin and Matt Hamm met with me later and I took them to Beastie Boys theme benefit party in Ballard, while the rest of the gang rested. Early evening was the tale of tale for our first night in Seattle and we wanted to be fresh for the first real day of events.
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