Slurpcult: New Site & Gooder Goods

The Slurplord gave me the heads up on the launch of Slurpcult’s new site, it goes live at noon, so be sure to peep it then. I always say, I’m so stoked on their success and wish my dudes nothing but the best! Be sure to go check it out at noon and explore their new digs, but most of all, peep the “Shades of Trinity” Sunglasses, which they produced for the launch. The brilliant translucent colors are matched with their classic text on both sides, they also come in a super sweet hand dyed carry case and are shipped in hand painted packaging! Goddamn, that’s cool. It’s the details that are so killer with Slurpcult, again and again, they continue to blow other brands out of the water with their attention to detail, it really matters these days. Props!

Slurpy’s new site