Heavy Pedal | Sean Martin x Zephyr Track

Sean Martin x Zephyr Track from The Heavy Pedal on Vimeo.

I have been starting filming projects with my man Sam and this is the first many, trying to get out, stack clips and not die while doing it. All on my Heavy Pedal Zephry Track, which I cannot be more thankful for riding for such a great brand. Stay tuned for more…


My Zephry Track | Wound Up Time

While I love how my Zephry comes stock and that the steel fork really kills and keeps it fast and lose out in them streets (plus the killer paint scheme), sometimes you want to see how frames respond with different forks. So, when a Wound Up came across my path, I couldn’t resist swooping it up and throwing it on the Zephry for shits and giggles. I’m gonna run this for a little bit, then go back to the OG Zephry.