VeloLove: Bikes + Love = Photo Contest!

Our friends at Velolove/ Swrve are hosting an Instagram (for locals)/ Facebook (out of towners) contest from now until 11:59pm Feburay 13th.

It’s February so that means the coo-goo love you baby-ist month is finally upon us! Even if you say bah humbug to this time of year we can assume since you’re reading this you at least love to ride bikes, right?

To celebrate our collective love to ride, we’re having a photo contest! There are two ways to win. One way is for locals, the other is for non-locals. You have between now and 11:59PM (Pacific Standard Time) on February 13th to enter. The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what to do…

1) For those of you who live in #BikeLA, roll down to VeloLove and snap a pic of your beloved bike at the front door. Come by any time. Opened or closed it doesn’t matter. Once you’ve taken your awesome photo, post it to Instagram and be sure to tag VeloLove and use the hashtag #VeloLoveValentine.

Our local winner will receive a $50 Gift Card to VeloLove!

2) For those of you who don’t live in LA, take a photo that has something to do with bikes and love- could be your beloved bike, could be your beloved on a bike, could be how much you love to ride. Basically, the sky’s the limit. Once you’ve snapped your photo, post it on VeloLove’s Facebook wall.

Our non-local winner will receive a limited edition Swrve GORE-TEX Belgian Cap in the color of your choice and yes, will will ship worldwide!

What are you waiting for? Bust out those Fun-Savers and get out there!

Devon Tsuno: Velo Love Swap, Shop & CX Race Photos

Devon has a great photo-set up from last Saturday’s event at Velo Love. peep!!!

Male Category:
1st place – Bud Abille
2nd place – Jonathan McDonald
3rd place – Chris Cuyler

Female Category:
1st place – Martha Mauricio
2nd place – Christina Cedeno
3rd place – Lynn Kennedy

1st place fixed – Jonathan McDonald
1st lady fixed – Lynn Kennedy

Velo Love Swap & Urban CX Race

This is tomorrow!!! You better go!!! Great deals and CBNC will have a booth! Mel is also bringing out a bin of our parts, bags, pouches and two bags full of t-shirts, which will be for sale for One Dollar each (t-shirts only)!!!

Buy all this shit, please! There is also a pile of free crap up for grabs, too!!! Vist the CBNC booth for details!