Now That Was A Cross Ride

Yesterday, Mel and I had plans to drive to Richmond, VA to hang out, ride and visit friends. I say “had”, because the night before, I off hand mentioned that I wanted to ride the 100 miles down to Richmond. I have been wanting to do this ride for last year and a half and Mel was kind enough to indulge me (thanks baby!) on this trip. I mapped the route and a mostly flat 110 mile route was set. Let me tell you while google maps is good on paper, when put to action, it leaves much to be desired. My route bumped up to 130+ (final mileage I’m not sure of, my Garmin’s memory was filled and I had to shut it off or lose my ride entirely), with roads disappearing and tons of rollers making it a sufferfest (lack of road food on my part was stupid and not eating was even dumber), sweet country and confusing round about routes through small towns, made the ride interesting and at times in fun. The longer route crossed the 95 around mile 65 or so, so I said “fuck it” and jumped on the highway. A highway you are not supposed to ride on. Needless to say 30 miles later, I was given a 4 mile ride off the 95 and over to highway 1, by a friendly but not assumed State Trooper. I hustled the last 25 miles and rolled into Richmond, feeling beat, but super happy. I can now cross that ride off my list. More fuel for the stoke!

Cross Country Trail Of Fairfax County

Today, I took on 15 or so miles of the 40 mile Cross Country Trail Of Fairfax County (CCT). I planned on about 25-30 miles of it, but due to trail conditions (slow going in a lot some spots) and time, 15 miles was all I could get in before heading home. The CCT is an amazing idea finished in 2006. It links 40 miles of horse, bike, gravel, dirt and singletrack trails from top to bottom of the county, going over hills and dales, bridges and tunnels, parks and recs, rivers and streams and of course, surface streets throughout Fairfax County.
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Wet Days

Another soggy day in paradise. I went out and did some more exploring of Lake Fairfax and did these park map signs ever come in handy. Why? The rains from the last few days, flooded the rivers and made crossing them very dangerous, deep and running fast is not worth the risk. There were plenty of smaller creeks, that I had to ride through or straight ford when riding through wasn’t an option.
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Ride Report | River Bend Park

Sunday morning found Virginia getting dumped on by rain, so it was time to go explore another recommended trail system. This go around, I headed solo to River Bend Park to get dirty and dirty I got. Upon getting close to the park, there was a single track following the road leading to entrance of River Bend. I speed up, dived off the road towards the trail and dove I did. Right into a ditch filled with water, obscured by leaves. I endo’d over the bars and superman slid right into the trail. Good stuff. I got up, laughed it off and pulled the bike out of the mud and away I went.
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