Devon Tsuno | Wolfpack Track Invitational

Devon was out Saturday night to snap some great photos of the Wolfpack Track Invitational. What was that, you ask? Well, during the LA Grand Prix, Wolfpack Hustle Invited eight women, twenty-two men to beta test a new racing format, for some possible future WPH races at Velosports Center. Unfortunately, the women’s field wasn’t large enough for them to do the beta test, so they raced a 15 lap tempo race, until Tara Unverzagt won. The men were up next, their beta test was starting from the rail, right into a 10 lap miss ‘n’ out, to drop the field down to ten racers, then from there it was 10 lap points race. Dominic Suozzi won the overall and the dog tags for the men’s race. It was pretty cool to see these guys and gals race on the same night as the best track racers in world and I hope this continues to be an event in the future. Solid work Don and great photos Devon!

Peep the full set here.

Winner Winner

What an epic day of racing in DTLA. Don and Company came through with a great event and one for the record books. It was so good seeing everyone giving it their all. The racers, the spectators, the organizers and the volunteers all deserve a huge round of applause and many thanks for doing their best yesterday. While I search for more photo of the other winners, here is the podium shot of the Men’s Track group. Walton smashed out with a breakaway 6 laps in and held it solo for the last 14 laps. Willo had a amazing uphill sprint to capture 2nd and our dude Austin Horse sprinted in for 3rd. Waiting on offical results, I don’t want to butcher the women’s winners names, I’ll update as they get posted.