True South: Woody’s Benefit Auction

Our friends at True South have an auction going on currently on their instagram benfiting our pal Woody who had a pretty bad mountain bike accident in December, last year. He has some huge bills to pay and a baby on the way, so everything helps. Follow True South on instagram @truthsouth, place your bids on one of a kind art and tattoo machines (or email your bids directly to with contact info or you can paypal funds directly to Woody at Support your supporters!

.:woody’ today we will begin to post art and machines for auction here on @truthsouth…each item will have a start price and the end date and time for the item…if you want the piece then put the price you want it for in a comment with your contact email and the highest bidder will when after auction concludes. if you are not comfortable leaving email…then email with contact info…if you would like to donate to woody you can PayPal: more details to come all our best