Yonder Journal: Brovet 01 – Old Ridge Road Permanent

Spied this over at Prolly and have been waiting for the Yonder Journal to drop. As a rider who feels the need to #Goyawnder (#Goyonder), I’m stoked to see this site go live and can’t wait for the inspiration it should provide (the first Brovet, Old Ridge Road Permanent, looks fun). You should get out there, ride your bikes far and wide and keep a Journal of those rides. If you feel so inclined, you can even follow the Yonder Journal’s rides by downloading their guides, which are full of cue-sheets, diagrams, maps, drawings, field notes, annotations and vital statistics (if you follow their rides and complete the Brovet Card provided and send it to Yonder Journal then you can receive your Official Brovet Patch). I just started keeping my own journal of my weekly adventures by bike this year and it’s a labour of love, but it helps you remember the little things that happen on each every ride. Get out there and explore!!!

Yonder Journal is the exploration of American Frontiers and Western Principles. We are Cultural Anthropologists and Sportsmen compelled into the Wilderness to explore, document and publish a lasting and meaningful record of our experiences there. Through a collection of Studies, Briefs and Guides we endeavor to understand and relate those people, places and pursuits the purview of Yonder.